Plucked from Obscurity: Roy Bakers "Inferno" Announced for BluRay 3D

News has been a little slow.  There are rumblings (ho ho) that "Kong: Skull Island" is coming to BluRay 3D soon, but we have yet to confirm that tidbit.  It being a Warner Bros. film I am not too concerned though, as they have probably been the most loyal studio to the 3D format these past couple of years.  Since I can't confirm that release though, I'll have to settle for the announcement that "Inferno" will be coming to BluRay 3D courtesy of Twilight Time.  This is the 1953 movie by Roy Baker and NOT the Tom Hanks vehicle directed by Ron Howard from last year!  This being a Twilight Time release, it will come in the standard 3,000 copy limited run.  I'm not sure if the movie justifies a higher print run, but there you have it.  I am happy that Twilight Time continues to release movies in 3D.  It's odd that a practically forgotten movie is deemed worth releasing in 3D while a similar release for Disney's "Beauty & the Beast" is in question (despite grossing $1 billion dollars and counting), but there you have it.  You can pre-order the movie here (not an affiliated link).


  1. davidbe said...:

    Kudos to Twilight Time for their U.S. release of this 3D from the "Golden Age" of 3D that peaked in 1953, although this particular release has been available for 2-1/2 years as a region-free Blu-ray from the UK so has been part of my collection for some time (reviews here:

    There were 48 movies filmed in 3D in 1953, two of which are no longer extant. Of the remaining 46, only 10 others have been released on Blu-ray, with 2 more coming out this year. Those 10 are:

    Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Dial M for Murder
    Dragonfly Squadron
    House of Wax
    It Came from Outer Space
    Kiss Me Kate
    The Mad Magician
    Man in the Dark
    Miss Sadie Thompson

    The two coming out this year are Those Redheads from Seattle (due May 23) and Cease Fire (due summer 2017).

    One can only hope the other 33 movies get released on Blu-ray at some point! They include several Westerns, including one with John Wayne and one with Randolph Scott.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The John Wayne hondo 3d was available last year on lg cinema 3d app.but no more

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