"Thor: Love and Thunder" Confirmed for IMAX 3D ('Minions' & "Lighter" 2D Only)

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Marvel's upcoming "Thor: Love and Thunder" will be receiving an IMAX 3D release along with other premium 3D screenings. These include (but may not be limited to): 4DX, PRIME 3D, and XD 3D.  Right now, the formats that are up in the air are Dolby Cinema 3D (which hasn't shown a 3D movie in YEARS) and RPX.  Most showtimes in my area are in the mid-to-late afternoon, so theaters must feel that it's worth their time to start releasing big-budget Hollywood movies in 3D again, so seeing the latest Marvel movie get approved for 3D screenings on premium formats isn't too surprising.  One area where 3D fans may find themselves a little more disappointed is the fact that while those live-action PG-13 movies are getting 3D screenings, family films seem to not be getting the same treatment. Illuminations "Minions: The Rise of Gru" and Pixar's first theatrical film in years "Lightyear" don't appear to be getting any premium 3D screenings.

Sure, if you want to see these movies in 3D you will have the opportunity to on standard screens, but so far, I haven't seen any commitment for bigger-than-usual screens.  This doesn't and does make sense at the same time.  On the one hand, it doesn't make sense because kids love 3D movies. Go to any 3D movie with kids and you'll hear tons of "wows" and "cool" throughout the film.  On the other hand, 3D movies are more expensive.  Yeah, IMAX 3D is only one dollar more than IMAX, but parents tend to be very budget-conscious when it comes to family outings at the movies.  Throw in high gas prices and record inflation, and even an extra $4 can seem like an extra $40 to most families.  And be honest with yourself: Would YOU pay extra to take your kids to see "Minions: The Rise of Gru?!"  I'm not looking forward to paying $3 to see it for myself.

This hurts a little bit more with "Lightyear" though.  While Pixar's track record with 3D has been fairly shaky, "Lightyear" looks like it having the 3D effects will greatly benefit the film.  Unfortunately, a real choice will have to be made, because it is also the first animated film to have scenes optimized exclusively for IMAX, which is a huge deal in and of itself.  Although I know some of my readers take a "no 3D, no ticket" stance (and it's perfectly fine if you do), most movie fans will want to see this IMAX just for this fact alone.  It's enough of a big deal that our 'IMAX vs. RealD 3D' feature will be returning for this movie (and maybe for 'Minions' as well).  In the meantime, I consider it a good thing that at least 3D screenings for big-budget blockbusters are returning to premium screens like IMAX and XD!


  1. plurmonger said...:

    I would love to know what you think of Thor in 3D after you see it. I sprang for IMAX 3D for Dr Strange 2, and I'd say it was easily the best way to watch the film, but it was also close to $20 for a ticket, and I'm not at all convinced that the same kind of thought and care was taken for the 3D on this one.

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