Where is "The Predator" in 3D?

Shane Black's "The Predator" officially opens today.  I know that some will point out that tomorrow is the "official" release date, but to be frank, I'm getting tired of pretending that the release date means anything anymore.  Studios have been opening the movie a day early for every release since "Iron Man 3" and in some cases they'll even open the movie two days before the street date if they think it can result in a better opening weekend at the box office.  In my eyes, if there is a showing as early as 7:00pm, it is opening day and NOT a preview!  But that's not what I'm here to talk about...I'm here to talk about the 3D release of "The Predator."  Now, first of all, I do want to say sorry for not keeping up with this blog much these days.  I'm actually working on revamping it behind-the-scenes, and am even looking for contributing writers if anyone is interested (send writing samples to greatmediauniverse at gmail d com).

I have been getting e-mails about this movie though, which has clued me in that many of you still enjoy reading my opinions on such matters, so for that I thank you all very much.  As you heard several months ago, "The Predator" was being converted to 3D.  Even IMAX was advertising that it would be an 'IMAX 3D Experience' (though they've changed their tune about that several already).  Yet when the movie opens today you will not find any 3D showings.  All the IMAX screenings will be in 2D.  Even if you go to see a 4DX screening there will be no 3D effects (which defeats the purpose of the moving seats and show effects if you ask me).  Many are wondering why this is the case.  Are theaters finally pulling 3D from all their theaters?  Is this the industry "pulling the trigger" (as some would say)?  No, it's not.  Here's the reason you won't be able to find "The Predator" in 3D when you go to the theaters this weekend:

The 3D version sucked and the wide release was cancelled.

That's it.  It's no more complicated than there.  There is no conspiracy, there is no mistake.  They spent time on the conversion, finished it, and for whatever reason they felt it wasn't of good quality so they decided to make it a 2D only release.  The dwindling 3D ticket sales probably added to the decision not to improve it any more than they already had, but considering how darkly shot and hectic the film moves, maybe this wasn't in the formats best interest.  I've seen what bad 3D can do.  Every time there is a 3D experience that makes a movie worse it makes most of the people who spent the extra money to see it (and have the annoyance of wearing the glasses) vow never to buy another ticket to a 3D movie.  I'm actually for less 3D movies if they result in better visuals.  We are still getting wonderful 3D experiences in theaters: "Avengers: Infinity War," "Ant-Man and the Wasp," "Alpha," and "Wreck-it-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet" still show that there is much that can be done with the format.

If the 3D conversion of "The Predator" was so bad that even the studios wouldn't release it to make a few extra bucks, then I'm personally fine not seeing it.  The format is in the worst shape I've seen it in for years.  Only one or two major TV's in America have a 3D viewing option.  Screenings for 3D movies are the worst they've ever been (they might as well be classified as 'special events' now).  Yet, there are some highlights.  As noted before, there are still several movies that are being released every year that take great advantage of their 3D format and continue to sell a significant number of tickets on opening weekend.  Many theaters have renewed their deal with RealD for another eight years, committing to almost a full decade of 3D movies as a result.  For that matter, 3D ticket sales are up thanks to subscription services like Sinemia and AMC Stubs A-List including the formats as part of their package.

Yes, the cancelled 3D release of "The Predator" is bad on the surface.  In the long run though, it might be better to keep mediocre experiences in the vault.  Maybe when TV manufacturers decide to give 3D another chance with their glasses free TV's the studios can put a little more polish on these versions and release them as new content for them.  Right now though, enjoy "The Predator" in 2D.  It's not the worst thing to do and there is no greater conspiracy.  In fact, on Tuesday, I'll write about a real story about BluRay 3D that is far more positive and gives me hope that the format isn't dead and neither is the demand.  It's just laying quietly like a tiger, waiting to pounce.  THAT said...if you REALLY want to see "The Predator" in 3D, you can do so over at the TLC Chinese Theater as well as a VERY select amount of theaters! So, I guess the silver lining here is that it wasn't completely cancelled.