"The Boss Baby," 'Kong,' and "Ghost in the Shell" ALL Confirmed for BluRay 3D!


Both "Kong: Skull Island" and the American remake of "Ghost in the Shell" have been confirmed for BluRay 3D.  The movies are from Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures, who have been the biggest supporters of BluRay 3D since the format was launched.  The biggest supporter of the format USED to be DreamWorks Animation, but their 2D only release of "Trolls" was strange and concerning at the same time.  This was the studio who preferred you view their films in 3D SO much, that they even forced you to buy "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" on BluRay 3D to see a brand new Rocky & Bullwinkle short.  With "Trolls" I couldn't decide if it was a decision on Fox, Universal, or if it was related to the departure of Jeffrey Katzenburg.  Needless to say, I help my breath and hoped that their next movie would get the full BluRay 3D treatment.

It has.

"The Boss Baby" has been announced to be coming out to BluRay 3D.  Also, a sequel has been announced, which is the most unbelievable thing I'll likely type this week.  So now "Trolls" lack of a proper 3D release is looking more like an anomaly.  Will we get a 3D re-release?  Unlikely.  Disney tried that with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and it didn't really do anything other than piss off fans of the movie, so I think most studios are under the impression that they either need to release it on day one or not release it at all.  Given the choice I would rather get these eventually than never, but why we even need to worry about separate releases is still something I'm grappling with.  Either way, I will be picking up "The Boss Baby" when it gets a 3D release.  Yeah, it's no where near my favorite movie, but I do generally buy DreamWorks movies, so this will just be something to add to the collection while still supporting the format.


"Dredd" UltraHD 4K Release DOES Have 3D Version on it!

Thanks to the folks over at Digital Bits we can confirm that the UltraHD BluRay (AKA: the 4K disk) release DOES in fact have the 3D version of the movie!  This is not advertised anywhere on the package, but apparently the BluRay disk is the same one that has been on store shelves for the last couple of years (plus the 4K disk of course), and that version did have the 3D version on it.  It just goes to show that everyone wins in the long run when the 3D is added as a special feature on a regular BluRay disk and not given it's own pressed disk as well.  So fans of "Dredd" (which I know there are a lot of) can now safely upgrade their disk without the fear of losing the 3D version as well.


"Beauty & the Beast" Not Confirmed for BluRay 3D (Despite Bringing in Almost Half a Billion Dollars at Box Office)

Disney's live action remake of "Beauty & the Beast" is...well, it is what it is.  I maintain that people don't like it nearly as much as they think they do.  It resembles the animated classic so closely that I feel most people are associating their nostalgia for the old film with the new movie.  Much like my thoughts that nostalgia was clouding people's judgment of "Toy Story 3," I feel the live action remake of "Beauty & the Beast" is destined to be largely forgotten in a few years once the "new" wave fades.  Still, it DID gross $1 billion world wide and is the biggest hit of the year so far.  There's no arguing with that.  Almost a quarter of that came from 3D and IMAX 3D showings, so obviously Disney would want to preserve that format when it comes time to release the film on BluRay.  HA HA HA HA...yeah, riiiiggghhht!  Disney doesn't do that kind of thing.  I'm still surprised we got a delayed release of "The Jungle Book."

Right now American's seem out of luck when it comes to getting a 3D version.  On the positive side Europe is getting a BluRay 3D release, (so far) all of the imported Disney movies have worked on my American BluRay players, and Zavvi has a nice steelbook edition that will help cover up its imported status (while supplies lasts).  I feel like I'm writing the same news post over and over again at this point, but this is the way things are.  It would be great if Disney changed their mind on this.  If they don't...thank God for the European release.


Plucked from Obscurity: Roy Bakers "Inferno" Announced for BluRay 3D

News has been a little slow.  There are rumblings (ho ho) that "Kong: Skull Island" is coming to BluRay 3D soon, but we have yet to confirm that tidbit.  It being a Warner Bros. film I am not too concerned though, as they have probably been the most loyal studio to the 3D format these past couple of years.  Since I can't confirm that release though, I'll have to settle for the announcement that "Inferno" will be coming to BluRay 3D courtesy of Twilight Time.  This is the 1953 movie by Roy Baker and NOT the Tom Hanks vehicle directed by Ron Howard from last year!  This being a Twilight Time release, it will come in the standard 3,000 copy limited run.  I'm not sure if the movie justifies a higher print run, but there you have it.  I am happy that Twilight Time continues to release movies in 3D.  It's odd that a practically forgotten movie is deemed worth releasing in 3D while a similar release for Disney's "Beauty & the Beast" is in question (despite grossing $1 billion dollars and counting), but there you have it.  You can pre-order the movie here (not an affiliated link).