"The Boss Baby," 'Kong,' and "Ghost in the Shell" ALL Confirmed for BluRay 3D!


Both "Kong: Skull Island" and the American remake of "Ghost in the Shell" have been confirmed for BluRay 3D.  The movies are from Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures, who have been the biggest supporters of BluRay 3D since the format was launched.  The biggest supporter of the format USED to be DreamWorks Animation, but their 2D only release of "Trolls" was strange and concerning at the same time.  This was the studio who preferred you view their films in 3D SO much, that they even forced you to buy "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" on BluRay 3D to see a brand new Rocky & Bullwinkle short.  With "Trolls" I couldn't decide if it was a decision on Fox, Universal, or if it was related to the departure of Jeffrey Katzenburg.  Needless to say, I help my breath and hoped that their next movie would get the full BluRay 3D treatment.

It has.

"The Boss Baby" has been announced to be coming out to BluRay 3D.  Also, a sequel has been announced, which is the most unbelievable thing I'll likely type this week.  So now "Trolls" lack of a proper 3D release is looking more like an anomaly.  Will we get a 3D re-release?  Unlikely.  Disney tried that with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and it didn't really do anything other than piss off fans of the movie, so I think most studios are under the impression that they either need to release it on day one or not release it at all.  Given the choice I would rather get these eventually than never, but why we even need to worry about separate releases is still something I'm grappling with.  Either way, I will be picking up "The Boss Baby" when it gets a 3D release.  Yeah, it's no where near my favorite movie, but I do generally buy DreamWorks movies, so this will just be something to add to the collection while still supporting the format.


  1. davidbe said...:

    Great news. Kong is scheduled for release on July 18. It is not announced whether the 3D version will have Atmos (the 2D version will have Atmos). Ghost in the Shell is scheduled for release on July 25, with Atmos confirmed on the 3D disk.

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