"Revenge of the Shogun Women "Coming to BluRay 3D 12/14

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Cult action film "Revenge of the Shogun Women" is set to be released by Kino Lorber Studio Classics on 12/14/2021.  The film - directed by Mei-Chun Chang - was initially released in 1977 in theaters during a 3D craze revival where films like "Jaws 3D" and "Friday the 13th -Part 3 3D" were all the rage in theaters.  "Revenge of the Shogun Women" was not a huge hit upon its initial release, has never been released on DVD or BluRay formats, and was on the verge of being lost.  Thankfully the folks over at 3-D Film Archive launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to restore the film (under the capable hands of Bob Furmanek) and now that restoration work is complete.  The BluRay itself will contain both polarized and red/cyan 3D versions of the film.  For those who do not wish to view the film in 3D, there will also be a 2D version made available in the same set!

In a day and age where 3D TV's are a rare and dying breed, a release like "Revenge of the Shogun Women" is sure to please fans of the format.  It's also wonderful when an underground film is plucked from obscurity and saved through passionate film fans on sites like Kickstarter.  For fans of 3D  movies, "Revenge of the Shogun Women" is sure to be an interesting addition to their collection!