"Dredd" UltraHD 4K Release DOES Have 3D Version on it!

Thanks to the folks over at Digital Bits we can confirm that the UltraHD BluRay (AKA: the 4K disk) release DOES in fact have the 3D version of the movie!  This is not advertised anywhere on the package, but apparently the BluRay disk is the same one that has been on store shelves for the last couple of years (plus the 4K disk of course), and that version did have the 3D version on it.  It just goes to show that everyone wins in the long run when the 3D is added as a special feature on a regular BluRay disk and not given it's own pressed disk as well.  So fans of "Dredd" (which I know there are a lot of) can now safely upgrade their disk without the fear of losing the 3D version as well.


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