Apparently, Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" is Being Re-released in 3D

I've had to report on so many disappointing stories, that I'm pleasantly surprised when I have good news to share.  "The Room" is a movie that is considered by many to be one of the worst movies ever made.  It is so legendarily bad, that screenings of it are still held in theaters, where people go to scream at the screen, throw spoons, and just have a good time.  It's one of the rare films that even critics consider their negative reviews to be a shining endorsement.  Well, if you enjoy the experience of watching "The Room," apparently you will soon be able to experience it in 3D!  No joke, Tommy himself has confirmed this via a tweet on Twitter...

...which, I have to say, is really pretty cool to hear.  Now, I have no illusions that this is going to be pure 3D.  It's probably not going to be GOOD 3D!  In fact, I imagine Tommy will screw this conversion up so badly, that it will only add to how hilariously awful the whole experience of "The Room" can be.  I not only look forward to seeing Tommy's bare ass on the big screen, I look forward to the butt cheeks not even lining up in the third dimension.  I imagine the football looking like it is going to fly off the screen before it jerk back into place when someone catches it.  The possibilities are endless, and (like the movie itself) I expect it to be terrible in the most fun, organic way possible!


Is Disney Officially Done with BluRay 3D?

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So, as you can probably imagine, I've been getting a LOT of e-mails from people who are concerned that Disney is finally dropping support for BluRay 3D in general!  They are basing this on the fact that "Coco" is confirmed as having no 3D release in the states, "Thor: Ragnorok" doesn't have one, and it's looking like "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" won't be getting a release either.  Personally, I would wait until the official announcement before writing 'Star Wars' off ("Rogue One" sold VERY well in 3D as a retailer exclusive, so that's the route that may be taken here as well), but, yes, it's certainly looking like even Pixar and Marvel can't convince the mouse to release any more BluRay 3D's in the states.  Now, the good news is that (so far) ALL of these movies will have European 3D releases!  What's more, these disks tend to be VERY import friendly (to the point where the only disks that didn't work on my American players were "Ratatouille" and "The BFG"...and apparently Disney didn't even release the later themselves overseas, so who knows why that one was region locked)!

What's more, most of them get steelbook releases from Zavii, which make them look almost like American releases (sans the disk artwork).  This is (obviously) very disappointing, but we all know that 3D is in a pretty bad state right now.  If it weren't...well, I wouldn't be running this blog, now would I?  Right now the only company that is really releasing BluRay 3D's consistently is Warner Bros.  And keep in mind that "The LEGO Ninjago Movie" was released in VERY limited quantities and "Blade Runner 2049" was a Best Buy exclusive.  Things are going to be rocky with 3D releases for a little while.  Thankfully, imports DO exist, and future articles will be focusing on how you can obtain and watch these imports in the comfort of your own home!  In the meantime, thankfully there are European imports that look to work on your American players, and they are only slightly more money than you would have paid anyway.


Relax Folks: "The LEGO Ninjago Movie" WAS Released on BluRay 3D!

Here's the first post of 2018 folks!  Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!  I, personally, have had neither, but life moves on, and I am looking forward to new opportunities and prospects!  In the meantime, while I was on vacation I did get several e-mails from people asking if Warner Bros. secretly cancelled the BluRay 3D release of "The LEGO Ninjago Movie."  And, um, here's the thing guys...Warner Bros. DID release this in 3D!  They still did fans a solid.  However...the thing is really hard to find.  Like, this was a pretty bare bones, rare release.  Not many copies were made and most stores didn't even get it.  Basically, if you want this, you need to buy it from a third party seller on Amazon or eBay.  Don't worry, so far there aren't too many listings for more than the retail price, but if you want this in your collection you might want to hop on that soon, because who knows how long that will be the situation.

I don't like that this was released in such short supply, but this is just the reality of the business in America.  But, there are three positive's to take from this. 1) America got an official release, PERIOD!  2) You can import this from Zavii for a cheaper price (and the disk appears to be region free).  3) This didn't come in a steelbook to make it artificially more difficult to find (this one is just hard to find because people wanted it).