Universal's First 3D Movie Coming to BluRay

Despite what some of you kids who are reading this may be thinking, 3D is not a new thing.  It was experimented with heavily not once, but twice, before it came to the current state it is at (some would argue we are winding down the third experimentation phase, which is a subject for another day).  Back in 1954 Universal Studios decided to try their hand at a 3D science fiction film, and the end result was "It Came from Outer Space," which has (naturally) become a cult classic over the years.  Part of the reason may be because since the film was shot in 3D - but is unable to be displayed in 3D most of the time - the movie looks just even more silly than most science fiction films of the period sounded.  Fans will now get a chance to see that 3D effect though, as Universal is releasing it on BluRay 3D.

The catch is that, for the time being, this will be an exclusive release at Best Buy.  This doesn't surprise me too much as Best Buy seems to be the only retailer with a section dedicated to 3D movies (they sit next to the UltraHD movies, ironically enough).  Otherwise the only other retailer that still takes time to educate people on the benefits of watching movies in 3D is Amazon (and they are online so it's easy for people to maneuver around that information).  For the time being, retailer exclusives are probably the best way we are going to get 3D releases of movies that, quite frankly, don't have a lot of mass market appeal.  "It Came from Outer Space" may be historically significant in the history of 3D film, but it (most likely) isn't what you would call a great movie in and of itself.  I guess we'll be able to decide that for ourselves come October.

On a final note, if you were interested in seeing "Ben-Hur" in 3D and see a theater near you that is projecting it in the format, see it this weekend, as if may be the last chance you have until the BluRay 3D comes out (it's a Paramount/MGM film, so I'm certain we'll get one).


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