"Hondo" to be Re-Released (Is a 3D Version Coming?)


Did you know John Wayne made a 3D film?  He did!  Not only that, it was a 3D western, that was made with the most sophisticated 3D cameras (at the time), and even had a finale directed by an unaccredited John Ford!  Well, he did, and that is "Hondo." Now, on the other hand we have Kino Labor.  Kino is one of the companies out there who are pulling up the slack when it comes to releasing catalog films on BluRay when the studios don't want to.  They have recently announced a list of movies they will be releasing from Paramount, and one of those films is "Hondo." The thing is... they didn't mention whether a BluRay 3D release is part of the deal.  It should be noted that they HAVE released 3D movies in their original format in the past, I'm only bringing this up now because they haven't announced a 3D release for THIS particular movie! 

Seeing how movies like this are niche in their very nature, if you want to try and insure that this gets a BluRay 3D release, I highly recommend you write to Kino through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook... whatever, and let them know that you want it.  Because if this movie get to press without a 3D disk, it may very well mean that we'll never have a 3D version of "Hondo" pressed on disk (if digital does take over, at some point, I do believe streaming 3D content will return at some point).  So get those let-er, um, I mean, E-MAILS, ready to send!  Also tweets. 

God, the new world is so strange sometimes when I stop and think about it.


  1. JimK said...:

    Its 2017 & still waiting on the 3D version of Hondo

  1. JimK said...:

    Frustrating wait. No news about a 3D blu ray release yet. The 3D cable/streaming version that circulated wasn't quite good enough..but most likely could be fixed. The Paramount 2D release is technically closer to what each eye ideally should look like. Either way..lets hope the 3D version becomes a reality.

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeah hoping too, love me some vintage 3D !

  1. Unknown said...:

    Please, insure that a copies of Hondo 3D Blueray is released to the public. This movie is a classic and must be preserved in all its original Formats. I certainly would pay good money for the right to own a 3D version of Hondo.

  1. tbegalaxybeing said...:

    I have purchased every 1950's/1960's 3D film released on blu ray so far. Hondo is a MUST and would be purchased on sight.

  1. leena pearl said...:

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