IMAX to "Ben-Hur": GET OUT!!!

"Ben-Hur" is officially a flop.  It opened at number six at the box office opening weekend, with less than $15 million dollars to show for it.  The screening I attended was on a Saturday, in IMAX 3D, at 5:45pm.  There couldn't have been more than ten people at the screening.  That is pitiful for opening weekend blockbuster.  Now, in standard IMAX tradition, the movie is being dropped from their screens come Friday with a double bill of currently-in-theaters "Jason Bourne" (making it's US IMAX debut) and a re-release of "The Jungle Book," a movie that was big in theaters all the way back in April.  What's more, most IMAX's aren't even waiting out the first week, with many dumping the movie on Tuesday for these older movies.  Friday will also see the film lose many of it's standard screens (as well as almost all of it's 3D screens).  Judah Ben-Hur may have come up on top in the movie, but at the box office he was first to die and last to finish.

Still, lackluster as the movie was, I can't help but think "why oh why couldn't this have been 'Suicide Squad?'"


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