"The Jungle Book" Returns to IMAX 3D This Week!

You read that correctly folks: "The Jungle Book," one of the best 3D films to be released this year, it coming back to IMAX for a limited time!  This says two things at once.  First, it shows just how good the IMAX 3D presentation was, as only a select few movies get invited back ("Avatar," "Gravity," "The Dark Knight," "The Polar Express," etc...).  The second is that "Ben-Hur" (the current IMAX movie) is doing REALLY poorly in that format!  In fact, the movie is doing so bad in general, it might actually lose $100 million dollars, making it one of the biggest flops of the year.  So if you want to see "Ben-Hur" on one of the biggest screens out there, you've basically got two days left to do so.  It should also be noted that not all IMAX theaters will be showing "The Jungle Book" on Friday.  Some will revert back to "Suicide Squad" while others will be premièring "Jason Bourne" in the format (the movie was only shown in international IMAX's).

Bottom line, this isn't the first time IMAX has brought back older movies when a new release fails in a (eh hem) big way.  The fact they chose "The Jungle Book" shows just how good the movie was in that format.  So, if IMAX wants it back, you'd think this would make an obvious movie to release on BluRay 3D for Disney?  Oh, if only life were that simple...


  1. Big Daddy said...:

    I've never been to an IMAX screen, I'm guessing it costs more?

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