"The Jungle Book" is the Latest 3D Hit at Box Office


Disney's "The Jungle Book" is the latest major hit from the hit making studio.  It is also another major hit for the 3D format that is being overlooked by most of the media.  The film raked in a little over $100 million dollars and a good chunk of that likely belonged to 3D screenings.  Why do I assume that?  Because over 75% of movie theaters showed the film in the 3D format (this included IMAX screens).  It's interesting that two years ago this would be seen as a major success for the format from the studios.  These days it's barely acknowledged.  Of course, Disney has also been selling this as a live action movie when everyone who worked on the film clearly knows it isn't.  Either way, this is another major success for a format that can use all of the hits it can get at this point in the game.

Chances are pretty good America won't get a BluRay 3D version on our local shores, but the UK store Zavvi already has an exclusive steelbook BluRay 3D for pre-order on their site.  While it's not guaranteed to be Region A compatible yet, my personal experience with imported Disney BluRay's has been pretty positive, as I have yet to buy one that has not worked on an American player (or my Xbox One).  Speaking of imported Disney BluRay 3D...so far I have been unable to find a pre-order for "The Finest Hours" in 3D on any site.  It could still be coming, but for the time being it looks like this is one 3D experience that won't be available to purchase anywhere in the world.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it in 3D in theaters (although chances are you didn't).


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