Only Big 3D Release Next Week is an Artistic Porno

The only problem with running a blog like this is that sometimes you get into dry spells where news on your specific topic is so slow it makes updating difficult.  You already know that the 3D release of "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" has been delayed and that Disney isn't backtracking on their lack of 3D support for the rest of their films anytime soon, but next week feels far more grim.  For the horrible "Norm of the North" won't be released in BluRay 3D when it hits store shelves next week (in all fairness the movie wasn't released in 3D in theaters either, but I have heard from producers that it was intended for three dimensions).  "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is enough of a disappointment that Warner Bros. is considering releasing the R-rated cut in theaters later this year to push the film towards the $1 billion dollar mark (will be interesting to see if this version is also in 3D).

The only BluRay 3D we're getting next week is for Gaspar Noé's "Love."  For those who want to know what this movie is you can stream the 2D version on Netflix... though I strongly encourage you skip it.  The director claims that the movie is about passion and exploring sexuality, but it is really just an excuse to have actors perform unsimulated sex on camera.  The movie (which was so terrible I couldn't even finish it) is about 135 minutes long with almost a full quarter of it dedicated to graphic sex.  Some of the shots in this "movie" are so unpleasant to watch in 2D that I have no doubt it will be worse in 3D.  The only reason I'm even discussing this release is that (in my opinion of course) this is not the direction the format wants to take if it is to survive long term.  Likewise I know many 3D fans will pick this up because 3D content is so rare we'll sometimes buy things we really have no intention of ever watching again.

I'm not saying this because I'm against movies that use lots of sex as a way to tell stories either.  I'm against THIS particular film because it's smut trying to parade as art.  No doubt the 3D was used in an attempt to be 'bold' and 'different' from other movies, but all it does it make certain *cough* "shots" seem too close for comfort.  Of course Noé was free to make whatever kind of movie he wants to make.  He's an artist and, if "Irreversible" is anything to judge by, a very good one.  I feel "Love" is a complete misfire and a total waste of everyone's time.  The idea that the movie will have some blind buys from a fan base that craves more content from their 3D TV's is enough to make me squirm.  So I'm encouraging everyone to skip it.  I know it's not fun to have to go almost a whole month without having a 3D BluRay to buy, but there are some products that are so bad we need to take a stand against them from the get go.  Please don't buy "Love."


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