"Jaws 3" Coming to BluRay in 3D (No, Really)

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Chances are you've been too busy spending the last thirty years re-watching Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning classic film "Jaws" to realize that there are actually sequels to it.  Three of them to be exact!  And each of them is worse than the last.  These movies are so bad that "Jaws" is essentially the franchise most film lovers tend to pretend is only one really good movie.  Before the final film was released, Universal tried to ride the initial 3D gimmick with the release of "Jaws 3D."  Critically lambasted as being the worst excuse for a sequel since - well, "Jaws 2" - the movie has languished on VHS and 3:00am TNT reruns for years, but now its finally coming to BluRay along with the rest of the rejects.  What's more, for the first time since the theatrical release, viewers can see the 3D version on BluRay 3D.  So just to recap: America is denied BluRay 3D releases of "Frozen," "Big Hero 6," "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F," "Noah," and "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2," but we get "Jaws 3."

Really, you can't make this stuff up.

In a strange way, I AM looking forward to seeing this in 3D!  Not because I like this movie or anything, but because the movie looks so goofy in 2D that I almost need to see for myself if the original 3D effect could possibly manage to make the film look any less silly than it already does.  There have been many satirical YouTube reviews to save you from seeing the movie yourself, but if you ever wanted to own the 'Jaws' movies that totally suck, they are all coming to BluRay later this year, with "Jaws 3D" making its true home video d├ębut.  I can already tell you it's going to be a very, VERY interesting year!  See Disney, Universal says "Jaws 3" gets a 3D release.  Don't you think you should start making your movies available in 3D?


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