Two 3D Films Win Big at the 94th Annual Academy Awards

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Two 3D films won big at the 94th Annual Academy Awards that were held last Sunday.  I know, I'm a bit late writing about this but I was busy (like the rest of the world) obsessing about "The Slap" that occurred during the presentation.  This post is not about that incident though, as (like Daniel Radcliffe) I am starting to get bored of the conversation, and thus feel we should start talking about the movies again until the inevitable response from the Academy comes down in regard to said incident.

The first major win for 3D is that "Encanto" easily won Best Animated Feature.  While there was some hope "Flee" would sneak in and take the award, the blatant belittling of the award (which was basically used as an advertisement to promote Disney's terrible live action remakes [because, you know...why watch that old kids stuff when you can watch the "mature" live action remake]) was all the confirmation I needed to know that "Encanto" would be the winner before the envelope was opened.  Still, Best Animated Feature is technically a "major" award still, and a 3D film won it.  You can't watch it in 3D anymore, but it did win.

The big winner of the night in general was "Dune" though.  Not only was it the sole 3D nominee amongst the Best Picture lineup, it managed to win an impressive 6 Academy Awards (including Best Visual Effects).  Not only was that more Oscars than any other film that won that night, it was also a record breaker for a film that won the most Oscars without being nominated for Best Director.  Ironically, Jane Campion did win Best Director for "The Power of the Dog," but though she was the favorite to win that award her film won none of the other 11 Oscars it was nominated for.  

To my recollection, no film has only won Best Director since Mike Nichols pulled off the feat with "The Graduate."  It not only highlights why Dennis Villanueva getting snubbed for Best Director was such a head scratcher, but it makes you wonder if the Academy really thought Jane Campion was the best director of the year, or if they just wanted to check off a diversity quota by being able to say that two women won Best Director two years in a row (which, sadly, is a new record even though there have been plenty of female directors who deserved nominations in the past).

Thankfully, you CAN buy "Dune" on BluRay 3D (and in America no less), so you can enjoy the Oscar-winning cinematography in three dimensions from the comfort of your own home!  And with that another Oscar year has come to an end.  I'll be back sooner or later with a blog post of some sort (maybe discussing if the 3D version of 'The Secrets of Dumbledore' is worth going out of your way to see?).

Oh, also, if you want to know who the winner for Best 3D was for our yearly hypothetical Oscars show...


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