'Doctor Strange 2' is First Movie to Get IMAX 3D Release in Over 2 YEARS!!!

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I'm obviously in a good mood today!

Even though I am getting a bit burnt out on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Netflix's "The Power of the Dog" made for a much more captivating cinema experience than "Black Widow" for my money), I have been very open that not only was "Doctor Strange" one of the more creative endeavors of the MCU, but it is also one of the shining examples of just how good 3D can be when used properly!  From my perspective if you haven't seen "Doctor Strange" in 3D...you technically haven't seen it.  While I can't say "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness" is something I'm salivating at the mouth to see (I'm more excited about "The Bad Guys" if I'm being completely honest), there was a moment when I felt that an IMAX 3D experience would raise my excitement level considerably if it was half the experience that the last film was!  In that circumstance - having remembered how great the experience was the first time around - I might be able to muster up some excitement to see the sequel.

If only there was a possibility of that becoming a reality...but alas, we are living in a post-pandemic life, and movies themselves are on life support (never mind 3D movies).  Anyway, I forgot the tickets went on sale a few days ago, so I went to AMC to get my tickets and...

...well, the first thing that stood out was that there were two separate sections for IMAX.  Take a closer look at that sole showtime though and you can see "IMAX with Laser 3D" in small print!  Now, first of all, I do need to express SOME disappointment that AMC isn't making this clear that this is an IMAX 3D showing with a bold logo.  They USED to do this...but having not used the logo in a long time, maybe it got misplaced on their hard drive?!  I don't know, they had a pretty hectic two years in case you didn't know.  Ignoring that though, the key thing here is that IMAX is showing their first movie in 3D in over two years!!!  I mean, I can't even remember the last time I saw an IMAX 3D movie?!  It must have been...

...oh...yeah, THAT movie!  Didn't a John Campea episode inspire a blog post here...never mind, getting off track.  Anyway, the point is it's been a LOONNNGGG time since IMAX has given people the option to see an IMAX 3D film!  There are several reasons for this of course: A deadly pandemic that forced the world to shut down, lack of content, the fact that reusable glasses was likely going to change people's perceptions of 3D movies and thus putting the format in real long term jeopardy...you know, all that jazz!  The fact that "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness" is getting some IMAX 3D screenings at most locations says a few things:

  1. The movie has 3D that is good enough that IMAX executives are convinced it's worth seeing.
  2. Marvel movies still have the power to charge a few dollars more for this format.
  3. IMAX feels that the world is in a good enough place that people will not fear putting on glasses that were previously worn by someone else.
However you want to look at it, this is very, very exciting news for 3D fans and now is your opportunity to buy tickets to see the movie in this format and send IMAX a message that projecting 3D movies is still a worthwhile endeavor!  What's even better is that (at least in my area) many of the showtimes are at reasonable times, so 3D fans mostly will not need to worry about taking time off work see an odd showing at 1:35pm.  If you're buying the tickets through AMC, just look a little closer to make sure you are getting the format you want.  Now if you're buying your tickets from Regal...

...thankfully, they're making the difference much more obvious.  Either way, thank you to the folks at IMAX for doing this and I hope I can write more articles like this in the near future!  Oh, and I am VERY excited to see "Doctor Strange In the Multiverse!"


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