'Save BluRay 3D' is Dead: Welcome to 'Ultimate 3D Fans!'



Chances are if you are a regular you probably showed up to this blog and was immediately taken back at how...different, the place looks.  There is a reason for that.  Aside from the fact that the old design was simply not very good (we have a LOT more space now) I've been thinking a lot about the future of this blog.  Probably more than I care to admit.  Even though I've heed and hawed for over a year about the future of it, I've finally decided some massive change was need.

Ladies and gentlemen: Save BluRay 3D is dead.

I'm sure some of you are a tad bit disappointed by this news, but are you really that surprised?  The BluRay 3D market is on life support, and there simply isn't much of a reason to talk about it anymore.  Granted, it's not completely gone (we did just get "Dune" not that long ago), however it certainly isn't active enough to have a fully dedicated blog to.  I also don't want to turn this into 'Save Physical Media' (as has been suggested) because I don't believe physical media will completely go away anytime soon.  Really, the strength of this blog was never as a grassroots effort to keep BluRay 3D around; it was about the love of 3D itself.  So, ladies and gentleman, 'Save BluRay 3D' is dead...


...to give birth to 'Ultimate 3D Fans!'

Yes, instead of letting the blog die because a physical media format is on life support I'm actually EXPANDING the blog to include topics on ALL things 3D!  This includes 3D in theaters, 3D in video games, 3D in theme parks...if it's a big enough topic concerning 3D, I want to discuss it here.  What's more, I want this to be a safe haven for 3D fans in all walks of life to enjoy.  Therefor I am also opening the blog up to having contributors!  Sadly, this isn't a site that will pay (3D is a niche format for a reason).  But if you can write, have a love of 3D, and want to contribute, I'd love to hear from you!

In the meantime, there is still some work to be done.  The layout isn't QUITE finished yet (and we need to add a few more tabs at the top to help people find certain topics easier), but things are coming along nicely none-the-less!  Also, we have a new domain name: www.ultimate3dfans.com.  We haven't set it up to redirect yet, but feel free to go there and bookmark it for when the switch happens (for some reason the 4th of July feels like a fitting day to make that happen).  Otherwise, enjoy the new look, dust up your resume if you want to contribute, and I need to get back to working on the layout (as well as the list of 3D movies that is WAAAYYYYY overdue for an update)!

Look forward to seeing everyone in the future!


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