WARNING: 'Terminator 2' 3D Release is Already Disappearing from Theaters!

Those who want to see James Cameron's classic science fiction action movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" in 3D may have to clear your plans for tonight, because starting tomorrow the movie will shed most of the theaters that have it booked.  That might suggest that the re-release was a failure, but the reality is that it likely was only in theaters to promote the upcoming UltraHD 4K release of the movie (the 3D version is only planned for Europe at the moment).  I say this because the release date of the movie was planned months in advance, but the day that was picked was a Monday of all things (the slowest day for movie theaters), at the end of a month where people aren't going to the theaters, and the film (at least in my area) was only shown in AMC Theaters.  Also, box office earnings were NOT reported, which basically means this wasn't done to make money!  For all intents and purposes, this is a Fathom Events release that got spread out throughout the entire week for multiple times a day.

Is that a botched release in my eyes?  Eh...if that IS what this was, then we should be grateful we got it in the way we did at all!  It means that Cameron (and the movie itself) has enough goodwill that one chain would dedicate so many screens to it as a 3D exclusive at all (during a time when theaters are having doubts about the future of the format).  Still, that wasn't a lot of time for people to see it, and despite the months of lead up it WAS released on a day most people simply didn't have time to go to the movies, and now they will have to scramble if they want to see it now!  That seems like a shame to me.  I'll be seeing it tonight while there are still plenty of showings of it playing, and I'll let you know what I think about it later.


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