Should this 'Justice League' Poster Concern 3D Fans?


This may be nothing or it could be something.  I will admit that upfront so as not to accidently spread misinformation.  I have no idea if this means anything, but considering some of the comments IMAX has been making recently about phasing out 3D, this certainly stands out.  To understand why I am concerned, below is the original image for Warner Bros. upcoming movie "Justice League":

A nice poster to be sure.  Here is another (more character specific) poster that was released:

That was also a nice image.  However, it's when we get to the latest poster that we have pause for concern:

So what is noticeable about THIS poster?!  Well, for starters, Superman isn't on it.  In fact, I have to give Warner credit: Considering it's pretty much a given that the character will be revived in the movie, the studio is at least going to great lengths to PRETEND this isn't going to happen!  We live in an age where spoilers are so prevalent in previews, that it's pretty refreshing to see some restraint.  That's not the thing that stood out most though.  Take a closer look at the bottom.  More specifically, check out the IMAX advertisement.  Notice something different between the first two posters and the latest one?  Yep, the first two advertise the movie as coming to 'IMAX 3D' where the third one merely advertises the film as coming out in 'IMAX.'

So does this mean "Justice League" is going to be on the chopping block as IMAX Corporation (mistakenly) continues their crusade against 3D films?  I have no idea.  As usual, IMAX Corporation did not respond to my request for comment, but be aware that 3D fans may have to settle for XD or RPX screening instead.  Again, this might not mean anything, but I figured I'd let you know anyway.


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