Will 'Captain Underpants' Prance onto BluRay 3D?


High def Digest has reported that "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" (and one of the few genuinely good surprises of the year) is available to pre-order on BluRay and UltraHD.  Box art has been reveled for both editions.  No release date has been set, but we know those are coming.  Missing from the article is any word of a BluRay 3D release.  That should make Captain Underpants shout "tra-la-NO!"  I've made very clear on this blog that DreamWorks Animation produces the best looking 3D visuals in all the movies that are released!  They build their movies for 3D, around 3D, with the intention to see them in 3D.  Now, this doesn't mean that we won't get it.  BluRay.com has a listing for the movie and it has the same information as it does with the other two releases (minus the cover art, of course).  I must say, the situation with DreamWorks is getting to be a bit confusing at this point.  "Trolls" missed out on a 3D release but "The Boss Baby" is getting one.

The first two movies were decent box office hits while 'Captain Underpants' was a mild one.  All three were distributed by 20th Century Fox...I don't know, I can't find a pattern.  I have no idea what is going on here.  Granted, the press releases doesn't state we WON'T be getting a BluRay 3D release of the film, but why make the announcement, share box cover information, and then not bring it up?!  The signs are not looking good on this one.  We'll keep you up to date, but after being the first DreamWorks movie to have outsourced animation, it looks like the movie will get shortchanged on getting premium treatment once again. 



  1. 8traxrule said...:

    No 3D disc, but we get a CAPE with the 2D copy- maybe to cover one eye with? It REALLY sucks when even a Dreamworks movie can't get a 3D disc release.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Very sad ! They don't realize, that Blu-ray 3D have to bought !! You can't see it on TV you have to bye !

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