Is "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Coming to BluRay 3D?

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is returning to theaters in August with a new 3D version!  Likewise, it should come as no surprise that it is getting a BluRay 3D release somewhere down the line, right?  Well, there appears to be some confusion over the matter, and while I can't confirm or deny anything, I can at least say in my opinion, if you want to get 'Terminator 2' in 3D, chances are you won't have any difficulty doing so.  Several sites like High def Digest and IGN reported today that the movie will see release in October.  In the press release a 3D version is clearly announced.  What concerns people is that the announcement was largely about a limited edition 4K release of the movie, and only the UK has the movie up for pre-order.  Let's address this one at a time.  First, of course the 4K version is going to be highlighted in any press release.  It's the new toy in town and the Hollywood studios want to push it so that it is widely adopted.  I think any new format is going to have to wait a little while for mass adoption these days, but studios are more impatient, which is why you are seeing more talk of it.

Secondly, it makes sense the UK would have a pre-order option and not the US.  While it used to be a given that we here in the states would be blessed with 3D releases, its not so much anymore, and the last thing any webstore wants to deal with is dedicating time in their customer service department from angry customers asking about why their pre-order of this disk was cancelled.  They would rather just know for sure before putting it up.  Third, this is Lionsgate and James freaking Cameron.  The man LOVES 3D!  He loves it so much he's converting his old films in the format and working on making "Avatar 2" a 'glasses free' experience.  Heck, the whole POINT of the re-release is to show it off in 3D!  Do you honestly think we WON'T get a BluRay 3D in the states?!  On the off chance we don't, we know he won't region lock the UK disk because he hates that.  Cameron has a LOT of clout when it comes to releasing his movies, and he WANTED to converted 'Terminator 2' to 3D!  Trust me folks: We'll get a BluRay 3D release of this in the states.  If not, we know we have a back up plan.

This is one I personally wouldn't lose too much sleep over though, because it feels like an inevitability it will happen, not something we have to wonder if it will happen.


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