Initial Thoughts on IMAX Showing Less 3D Films and More 2D Films [VIDEO EDITORIAL]


So, the big news that hit the weekend I was flying home from Germany is that IMAX may be showing 2D versions of movies going forward rather than 3D movies.  It's too early to say just how serious they are about the topic, but that may explain why some animated movies have not had 3D screenings in IMAX as of late.  We know they will at least be skipping the 3D version of "Blade Runner 2049" when that is released.  I do have LOTS to say about this obviously and I want to do proper editorials!  But in the interest of staying up-to-date with the story quickly, I put my initial thoughts in the video below.  For those who are more into reading than listening - first of all, bless you - I will be writing extensively on this topic from a variety of different angles in the coming days, so stay tuned and let your friends know what we are doing!  In the meantime, here are some thoughts in video form:


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