"Rouge One: A Star Wars Story" Is Coming to BluRay 3D...As a Retailer Exclusive

So the good news I have to report is that "Rogue One" is officially coming to BluRay 3D.  There is no waiting a full year later for this one, we'll be getting it right away.  Maybe this is Disney checking to see if a day-and-date release makes them more money than holding off on the release.  It may have sounded good on paper to hold off on releasing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in 3D for a more elaborate special edition later on in, but the days of people double dipping on movies has largely passed us by, and maybe that decision cost Disney a few sales they would rather not lose again.  Or maybe they just don't care anymore.  Either way, we will have a 3D release on the first day.  The only catch is that it will be a retailer exclusive.  Alright, two retailers will carry it: Target and Best Buy.  Both have their own edition that is exclusive to their store, but I'm thinking the Target edition looks to be the nicer of the two (Best Buy is only offering a steelbook).

This is normally where the post would end, but isn't it interesting that there are two retailer exclusive titles that are including the 3D version?  During a time where 3D TV is all but dead?  If there is really no interest in the format, why are two stores fighting to have their own releases of it?  Could it be that there is still enough of a demand for 3D movies that there is...money to be made?  Nah!  That can't be right, they probably just paid extra for the heck of it! *ends sarcasm*


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