Disney to Release Not One, Not Two, But THREE 3D Titles on Tuesday!

Yes, I'm still alive.  Yes, I'm still working extra hours in my other jobs to save money for my trip.  Yes, once I'm actually on the trip I'll (ironically) have some downtime to update the blog more.  I still have my opinion on the surprise 3D release we're getting this year and my confused feelings about it.  I still don't have time to comment on it right now, but I will say the title is Disney's "The Jungle Book." While the movie came out in 2D only a month or two ago, on Tuesday we will be getting a BluRay 3D of the title.  Also, Disney will be releasing "Finding Dory" and the (also delayed) 3D release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." That is THREE 3D titles coming out in one day!  For once, I'm going to actually have to pass on one of these titles because it exceeds my weekly movie budget for buying discs (plus the whole trip saving thing).

What's interesting is that this is the most 3D releases Disney has released at once.  Not only that, but these are three MAJOR titles!  It's almost as if Disney is pushing the 3D format again!  What gives?  I couldn't really tell you for sure.  I have my suspicions (which will be shared in the upcoming OP-ED piece), but I believe Christmas could be a big clue in all of this.  The timing of these massive releases is also perfect as this will be the week after "Doctor Strange" opened with almost half of it's business being from 3D showings.  Also, 40% of the tickets sold for "Trolls" was for 3D showings.  How on Earth is 3D dead when so many people are still paying to see it and buying the discs?!  *sigh* It really makes my head spin sometimes.  Well, time to get back to packing.  See you all later this week!


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