"Star Trek: Beyond" On BluRay 3D (And Where the Heck Have I Been?)

"Star Trek: Beyond" hits home video this week and there is a BluRay 3D version.  The 'Star Trek' movies have benefited the most from the 3D effect more than most movies, so it's not too surprising that these movies actually move 3D disks.  At the local Fry's I bought my copy at the salesman mentioned that they got roughly thirty copies in the store, yet they were almost already sold out (there were five copies when I arrived and the store had only been open about four hours).  Now, thirty copies of a disk selling is not a big deal in the long run but we're talking about a format that would normally sell less than ten copies if it were any other movie.  The film is also being released in UltraHD BluRay (because that is a thing now).  Studios are starting to see the benefit of packaging the 3D and 4K disks together in one combo, but chances are this movie will be such a draw to techies (get it?) that Amazon.com got the exclusive rights to the 4K/3D combo pack on their site.

I don't buy from Amazon.com so you'll have to go to the site yourself to get this set, but you should find it easily.  Keep in mind you will also have to buy a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise that jacks the price of the set up another $50 or so, but if you want the movie in every version available then this is your best bet.  As you can see from the picture above, I bought my copy, so I continue to contribute to the cause.  Which begs the following question: where have I been?  Well... nah, I'm not going to be clever, I was spending time with family.  In a couple weeks I'll be flying across the country to see a girl I happen to love very much, so there may be a small dip in updates there as well.  Once Christmas roles around there will be much to discuss.  I will particularly be interested in seeing how many 4K TV's sell, and whether or not people pick up to that format faster than they did with 3D.

That said, I do have some catching up to do.  I will be posting in the next couple days covering news stories I missed while I was gone.  I will even do an extended OP-ED piece about a huge news story to come out of the BluRay 3D scene that should have made me feel giddy.  Yet, considering the circumstances surrounding the announcement, I sort of just read the news and went "huh?". I won't spoil what that is here (you might have a good idea), but keep an eye out for that piece.  I also want to close this post by mentioning that Barnes & Noble are having their bi-monthly Criterion Collection Sale, where all titles from the Criterion Collection are 50% off!  Obviously you can get some great deals on some great movies, but when you go to add some titles to your cart, maybe I recommended "Pina" be one of them, seeing that it is the sole BluRay 3D Criterion makes, and we'd like to show them that we would buy 3D movies from them.

Plus it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary, so you can add that to your awards collection to boot!


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