Was "Peter Rabbit" Supposed to be a 3D Movie?

So...I saw "Peter Rabbit" today.  I'm not sure what disappoints me more; that sentence or the fact that I actually sort of liked the movie.  I know, I know, I'm probably losing a lot of you right now, but trust me: I have to see a LOT of kids movies each year, and considering this was a modern remake of a book many kids consider to be slow AND came from the studio that gave us "The Emoji Movie" of all things, I think you can admit that even if you don't like it (and there is enough here to dislike for there to be some caution attached with my recommendation), things could have been a lot worse.  That's not what we're here to discuss though (I'll have a full review tomorrow on my other site).  No, what I want to talk about is how while I was watching the movie, I was getting a strong sense that this was supposed to be a 3D movie at one point, yet we ultimately got was a 2D movie.

The questions I have are is this true (and if so...what happened to the 3D version)?  First of all, I need to mention that I combed through lots of pre-release material for this movie in order to see if my theory had any weight to it (which is not something I expected to do for "Peter Rabbit" of all things).  In my search I found no posters (either here or internationally) that advertises the movie in 3D.  There are no commercials saying this will be presented in 3D.  Wikipedia doesn't even give a hint that 3D was in the equation.  So, to make it clear right now: There is NO pre-release proof or interview I could find that suggests a 3D version was planned!  Normally that would be the end of the discussion, but it's not because there is one major source that suggests the 3D version was at the very least planned: The actual movie itself!  There are several moments where objects appear to be 'thrown' at the screen.

A couple scenes involving birds flying (while rapping...again, not a perfect movie) that involve a camera that moves and sways as if the scenery was supposed to surround you.  There are a couple of dance sequences where not only are the rabbits jumping toward the screen, but in two instances they appeared to be hovering.  Heck, many of these moments can be found in the trailer itself (pay attention to the porcupine getting electrocuted).  If that wasn't telling enough, there is a scene late in the movie where two characters are being told the events that happened during the first half of the film.  After hearing the story, the wife laughs and comments "why, that sounds like a 3D adaptation of a popular children's book."  The meta-joke may or may not strike a cord with you personally, but that is an oddly specific description for a movie that ultimately wasn't in 3D.  Also, it should be noted that this and "The Star" are the only Sony Animation movies that are NOT in 3D aside from "Surf's Up" (which was released in 2007)!

The question a lot of people might have now is if this was supposed to have a 3D version...what happened to it?  Answer: I don't know.  The most logical explanation is that the studio made the choice to forgo a 3D release altogether.  Judging by how certain shots are presented and the line of dialog being delivered the way it was, we can (probably) safely assume that this version was cancelled late enough into production that shots and script lines were filmed with it in mind, but early enough so that it wasn't a major focus in the advertising.  Now, does the 2D only version hurt the film?  It's hard to say.  The fact that I noticed some of the shots looked weird is an indicator that those scenes should have been reshot so as to not stand out as much, but I can also see why a studio wouldn't want to pour millions of dollars into commissioning reshoots for "Peter Rabbit."  Unless we hear otherwise, this is just a conspiracy theory though.  In the meantime, if you have kids who want to see this...eh, whop out your MoviePass.  It might not be great cinema, but I think most will be surprised at how charming it is at times.


  1. The trailers were definitely in 3D. I remember seeing a 3D trailer for Peter Rabbit when we saw "Coco". We were planning to go see PR and didn't have time on the opening weekend. When I checked times the following weekend, no 3D viewings were available and I assumed they had been yanked already - never realized there was no 3D theatrical release. I was hoping that a Blu-Ray 3D version would be released but apparently that won't happen.

  1. Carolyn & Mom said...:

    I was so disappointed that I "missed" the 3D versions in the theater, and was also looking forward to a 3D release on Blu Ray. Looking at the trailers .... how could this NOT be a 3D movie? It looks like it was completely designed for it. What a shame!

  1. Ginny said...:

    I want my BlueRay 3D!! Why aren't they also releasing Cinderella on BlueRay 3D!!!?😢

  1. Unknown said...:

    It's funny how many years ago widescreen was an invention (or panovision I believe it was called) to bring people back to the movie theaters. Even 3d was a popular attraction before Technicolor. So I find it strange that not every big budget movie is presented with 3D. Especially when so many are happy to pay the extra for that little extra something special.

    Also 3D at home is growing with even low cost TVs comming out with 3D as a feature.

    In some room in some accountants office they justified not investing in 3d. .. big mistake in my opinion.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Ah! I wish I watched it in 3D only. But, I can do that again if it is available in 3D anywhere. The vacation is about to start and my kids are looking forward to watch some nice and new movies. I have to line up good series by Andy Yeatman for them as well.

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