BluRay 3D This Week

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This week we have two major 3D exhibited movies being released with only one of them getting a BluRay 3D release.  That release would be for "Hercules.". The Dwayne Johnson vehicle isn't what I would call a particularly good movie, but it's still nice that the 3D version is being made available for those who want it.  The much bigger release (which also had 3D was used to much better effect) is "Maleficent" (which also isn't very good).  This is the much bigger release of the two, yet Disney still insists on releasing their BluRay 3D's everywhere in the world except America.  Per the custom though, Vudu has the 3D version available in digital release.  It doesn't look as good as a BluRay would and good like having a connection that is consistent enough to stream it properly, but I suppose it's better than nothing.  Actually, considering the recent events, I'm starting to wonder if the reason Disney has cooled on releasing BluRay 3D disks is because Vudu has paid for exclusive rights to the 3D versions?  It's worth looking into at the very least.


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