Best Buy Has Exclusive "Planes: Fire & Rescue" 3D...Cover

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Most people are already aware that Disney has skimped on releasing a BluRay 3D of "Maleficent" this week, what most of you might not be aware of is that Disney also skipped on releasing a BluRay 3D of "Planes: Fire & Rescue."  Unlike "Maleficent" though, "Planes: Fire & Rescue" does not have an international release for important.  Vudu does have a 3D stream available as is the custom, however what's amazing about this is that Vudu is also giving you the 2D stream and special features this time!  You know, like how they should have been doing these releases all along instead of price gouging on a crummy 3D stream without special features.  Never mind, that's another post for another day.  If you want the cherry on top of this very strange affair check out this photo I took while I was at Best Buy today:

At first glance it looks like they might have negotiated to have exclusive rights to the 3D version, but a closer look reveles that they simply have an exclusive 3D cover.  I couldn't help but laugh at the irony in this.  Of course this isn't the first time Best Buy has spent money to secure the rights to an exclusive cover.  Heck, this seems to be one of the more bizzar attempts retailers make to try and lure fans of movies away from and convince them to trek to the store and make their purchase.  Does the cover make that much of a difference?  I personally don't think so, but I would probably be wrong in that assumption.  Anyway, I find it annoying that Best Buy would spend money on the rights to an exclusive cover but not on the 3D version.  I also want to warn potential buyers that if they see this in the store it just LOOKS like a BluRay 3D, but it's not!  Of course, considering how quietly this came to video, there's probably not many people who want "Planes: Fire & Rescue" in the first place.


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