"The Book of Life" Makes Great Use of 3D! Will We Get a BluRay 3D?

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Reel FX's "The Book of Life" is one of the most unique animated films in years (along with "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya" by Studio Ghibli).  The film was also released in 3D.  Animation and 3D tend to compliment each other greatly, and in this case it has resulted in the best use of 3D all year so far.  Chances are I will be seeing it a second time for a couple reasons.  The first is that it's just a great movie that deserves to be seen more than once.  The second is that I want to see it in 3D again should I not have the chance.  I am a little fearful that we might not get a BluRay 3D release despite the obvious need to view the film in three dimensions.  I worry about this because Reel FX's previous film "Free Birds" also made great use of 3D yet became one of the first mainstream 3D titles to only get a 2D release state side (Europe got the 3D though).

Granted, "The Book of Life" is critically acclaimed and a likely Oscar contender for Best Animated Feature where "Free Birds" was a critical bomb.  Yet if you look at the box office between the two films you'll notice there isn't much difference in how the two performed in their first couple of weeks in release.  It's hard to know if "Free Birds" 3D release was nixed because of box office, poor reviews, or a little of both, but common sense indicates that money is the driving factor behind most decisions in Hollywood.  So far the box office for "The Book of Life" gives me concern that a BluRay 3D release might not happen, so if you want to see the film the way it was intended to be seen you might want to catch it in theaters while you have the chance.


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