MIA Last Week: "Legends of Oz: Dorthy Returns"

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Now that I'm back in the full wowing of things here, I have to mention that we got another BluRay release last week whose 3D version is Missing In Action: "Legends of Oz: Dorthy Returns." Both a critical and box office failure, the film was released on DVD and BluRay combo packs last week.  However, no BluRay 3D was made available.  This is especially disappointing for fans of the film (if there are indeed any out there feel free to comment and let us know why you liked it) because the movie was made with 3D in mind, and many of the shots look distorted in 2D.  The fans are extra screwed in this case as there is no international BluRay 3D release of any kind (so no importing on this one), and Vudu doesn't have a digital 3D download.  In fact they don't sell the film at all... which probably speaks volumes to how big of a disaster this really was.  So, again, if there are indeed any fans of this movie that exist, hopefully you don't mind the odd looking 2D version of this film.

Edit: If you really need your Oz 3D fix I want to remind you that Warner Bros made a 3D version of the classic 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" recently.  I'm not a huge fan of watching older movies forced be in 3D, however this was a surprisingly good upconversion, so for what its worth that's an option.


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