Those Wanting "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" on BluRay 3D Will Have to Import

Disney officially announced the release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" on physical media today, and a 3D version was not in the cards (not even as a retailer exclusive).  This is disappointing for a myriad of reasons (and also frustrating when you know that Warner Bros. is releasing "Justice League" in 3D, which didn't have NEARLY as big an audience as 'The Last Jedi' did).  The title will be made available to purchase in Europe with a 3D steelbook, but there is no confirmation that will be region free.  Past experiences have led me to believe that it will, but until I have the disk in my hand I can't confirm that.  I'm sorry to have to report the news (I held off on the on chance there was a retailer exclusive waiting in the wings), but it is apparent even 'Star Wars' can't get Disney to release a 3D version.


  1. vulcanmario said...:

    Maybe it'll be like Force Awakens and they'll do a "3D Collector's Edition" double dip in a few months.

  1. They could, but...I sort of doubt it in this case. Would LOVE to be proven wrong on that one though!

  1. Unknown said...:
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  1. Unknown said...:

    I was so frustrated having to wait a year for the collectors edition. And also not knowing if the 3D would even be released... The case for FA is awesome so it would be cool if they could match it.

  1. SLYDoggie said...:

    I have really enjoyed having both the 3D version as well as the digital HD version. I'm not going to stop my obsession with 3D movies and will buy overseas if that is the only way... As I have done with multiple previous titles. I just hate losing the Digital copy with the NA versions but won't give more money to the studios by buying both a 3D version and 2D version with digital download... or just adding a digital download.

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