CORRECTION: "Smurfs: The Lost Village" NOT Coming to BluRay 3D

Sorry guys...I have to post a correction: "Smurfs: The Lost Village" is NOT coming to BluRay 3D despite my initial report that it was!  In all fairness, I wasn't the only one who announced this.  Digital Bits, High def Digest, and all reported that Sony was bringing the animated box office disappointment to BluRay 3D, and Sony themselves mentioned it in an early press release.  They even announced that it would be packaged with the UltraHD combo pack.  However, as of today that appears to no longer be the case, and there is no word of a 3D version.  This is especially disappointing because when you watch the teaser for the movie, it was pretty obvious the 3D effect was maximized, and to watch it in 2D will result in a disjointed picture.  How weird is it that Sony is starting to backtrack on the format while Warner Bros. and Paramount remain dedicated?  I don't know.  Here's a sad fact though: The live action Smurf movies get 3D releases with upconverted video while the natural, animated Smurfs movie gets a 2D only release.  Great...

Gee, can you tell this was made for 3D?


  1. davidbe said...:

    There are a number of pre-orders set up in other countries, so there is a fair chance this could be imported. Too early to be certain.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I'm not giving up on Sony until Spider-Man: Homecoming. Keep in mind that Resident Evil and Smurfs were failures and Sony wouldn't want to risk the extra money for bad sales.

  1. davidbe said...:
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  1. davidbe said...:

    Now available is a Region A version!
    Very reputable dealer with reasonable shipping costs (shipping for 1 disk = $3.84 to the U.S.).

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