Ninja Turtles Sequel Comes to BluRay 3D Today ("The Huntsman" Still MIA)

Today's new releases features one proper 3D release and two non-releases.  The movie that did get it's native 3D release was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows." This was shot in native 3D, so it is (visually speaking) one of the better 3D experiences you can have in the home.  The movie itself... well, it is likely going to become a guilty pleasure of mine.  The second major release is "The Huntsman," the sequel no one wanted in the first place.  The movie was released 2D in the states and 3D internationally.  Those who were hoping for a 3D home release in the states are out of luck, as it appears that version will remain an international exclusive.

The third release is sort of odd, as Disney has done another re-release of "Beauty & the Beast." As part of the Walt Signature Collection (even though Uncle Walt himself had nothing to do with the movie), this collection has been met with mixed reviews as lots of classic bonus features are dropped from previous releases.  Granted, there are a FEW new features, but they normally are not worth what fans lose!  In this case we are losing an entire disk of bonus features.  I think the special edition with the 'Human Again' sequence is not here either (nor is the work-in-progress edition).  Of course, the 3D version is also not on this new release.  Now, it should be noted that the movie was never made with 3D in mind, and when Disney was in a kick of re-releasing their movies in 3D the results were decidedly mixed.  Only the Pixar movies have made sense to upconvert, while the 2D movies look very fake.

So, with that said, this was probably no big loss in the long run, but it would still be nice to have a choice in the matter.  Ultimately though, when it comes to the releases today, while it would be nice to have 3D versions for all three films, we did get a 3D release for the one that actually mattered, so let's chalk that up to a win and focus on getting the other two another day.


  1. Big Daddy said...:

    I can't stand the way Disney keeps reissuing movies but removing extras along the way. Then I try to pickup the old version and find it already costs a fortune. Disney must have bought a controlling share of EBay...

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