Disney Screws Over Spielberg (But Good News for 'Kubo' Fans)


Disney is at it again.  Unless Marvel or Pixar is involved, they really, REALLY don't care about preserving movies in their original presentation!  I am now very convinced that "Zootopia" was more of a testing ground to see if they could sell enough BluRay 3D's to justify returning to the format, and whatever magical number they needed to hit simply wasn't.  Because not only did "The Jungle," "The Finest Hours," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" get the shaft (although we are finally getting the latter this year), but Disney has decided another movie was not worth the effort to release in it's native 3D format: "The BFG." What makes this an especially insulting oversight is the fact that the movie was directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg, who takes how movies are made and preserved VERY seriously!  This is also a man who only directs in 3D when the format will benefit the movie.

To not release his film in 3D - the format he shot the movie in and intended to be seen in - is a slap in the face to one of our greatest living directors.  Of course... I know we will be able to import this and be able to watch it on out American BluRay players, but we simply shouldn't have to do this!!!  As if to twist the knife just a little bit more, the most intriguing special feature on the BluRay ("John Williams: Scoring a Dream") will be a digital exclusive; for absolutely no reason other than to make the digital purchase seem better.  They can easily place this special feature on the disk, so they are not only insulting Spielberg by not releasing his native 3D version on disk, but they are insulting people who buy physical media by not putting the most interesting special feature on the disk even though space isn't an issue.  They actually did something similar with their "Fantasia/Fantasia 2000" BluRay, where many of the classic DVD features were archived on the internet.

Which means you can watch those special features so long as the BD Live website still functions.  By continuing to do this Disney just insures that eventually fans will lose these special features to the winds of time, and I fail to understand how that benefits anyone (including Disney themselves).  This is the kind of blunder that made me made enough to create this site in the first place.  Well, the good news is that "Kubo and the Two Strings" WILL be coming to BluRay 3D in America, which was also shot in 3D and takes full advantage of the format, so... positive thoughts!

But seriously, bite me Disney.  This is a new low, even for you.


  1. Big Daddy said...:

    I think I hate Disney, I've never seen a company treat it's customers with such contempt. Time to order more 3D releases from UK Amazon.

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