Upcoming Panasonic Ultra HD Player to Support 3D!


The biggest threat in the upcoming 4K revolution is the fact that many of the major TV manufacturer's are trying to phase out the 3D option from future sets.  I don't know why manufacturer's feel like they need to phase out 3D rather than just make it an additional feature... but I'll write about that at a later date.  In the meantime 4K TV's are the new "it thing" in the home theater world, and with shiny new TV's comes a shiny new format called UltraHD BluRay.  During the announcement there were many questions asked about whether or not it would support 3D (so much for there being no interest in the format) and pretty much everyone said that while the players don't support 3D at the moment, the hardware can be upgraded should companies want to revisit the idea in the future.  This was obviously disappointing news to many fans of the format, however some good news has come that there will be at least one Ultra BluRay player that will be compatible with BluRay 3D right out of the box: The Panasonic DMP-UB900!

This device is made with 4K TV's in mind, will play the new UltraHD BluRay format, and it will be compatible with your DVD's, BluRay's, and BluRay 3D's (owners who have HD-DVD's are still out of luck).  As of this writing the device is only available in Europe, but Panasonic has confirmed it will be released statewide later in the year.  We will keep you updated when that is.  While it would be nice if more of these players were compatible with BluRay 3D disks, it is nice to know fans can get at least one player that will support them, so now you can safely upgrade your TV without the fear of never being able to watch "Avatar" in the only format that makes any sense.


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