3D Release of Pixar's "Turning Red" Cancelled (Along with Theatrical Release in General)

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Last week, Disney made the stunning announcement that Pixar's next film "Turning Red" would be skipping theaters for a Disney+ premier.  Pixar fans are not happy about this move.  As for me...

...well, I had some strong words regarding the choice.  This inevitably led some of viewers to ask what was to become of the 3D release?  After all, Pixar was so proud of the 3D conversion a 3D trailer (which is quite rare these days) was in front of almost every 3D movie for the past few months.  So what happens to it?  Does that one one:

A. Still get released in theaters?
B. Get a BluRay 3D release later?
C. Go to the Disney Vault?

The answer is - more likely than not - C!  I do not anticipate that we will see the 3D version of "Turning Red" anytime soon.  Pixar's previous films "Soul" and "Luca" did not receive BluRay 3D releases, and I don't anticipate this one will either.  Situations like this emphasize why it is important to bring awareness to the lack of 3D options on streaming and physical media, because when things like this happen 3D movies are in danger of being lost forever, and if you are a fan of film (or especially a Disney/Pixar fan) this is far from an ideal situation.


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