"Trolls World Tour" IS Coming to BluRay 3D!

"Trolls World Tour" ended up skipping a 3D release in theaters.  Heck, minus a few drive-in theaters, it famously skipped theaters entirely!  This was such a drastic thing to happen, that when it turned out to be a very profitable move for Universal, AMC Theaters sai they were effectively banning ALL Universal films in their theaters when they re-open (though I'm 90% certain there will be a compromise before that happens)!  While I do know that there are more important things going on in the world than worrying about whether or not a movie gets shown in 3D, I have stated multiple times that I really enjoyed the first "Trolls" in 3D (and am still disappointed to this day I can't watch it in that format again).  I was worried that we'd never get to see this in 3D at all.  Thankfully, though it had to (understandably) bypass the theaters, if you're willing to play the import game you CAN get it in 3D over at Zavii!  What's more: There are THREE ways to get it!  A two disk 'Dance Party Edition,' a limited steelbook edition (which will likely sell out quickly), and a two movie collection with the first "Trolls!"

It's that latter edition that I am most curious about.  It's pretty obvious that this means the "Trolls World Tour" disk will be the 3D version.  However...does that also mean the first movie will be in 3D as well?  Is this going to be the first chance we've had in years to re-watch the original movie in the 3D version is was so clearly made for?  I suppose we'll have to wait and see.  For the record, I've pre-ordered both the steelbook AND the two movie collection!  I know that seems redundant, but if the two movie collection DOES have the first movie in 3D, then I certainly want to report on it!  If it doesn't...well, I'll send it back and keep the steelbook edition!  Keep in mind I have NO idea if these will be region free, so buy at your own risk (I've decided to remove that fear by buying a region free BluRay player, so I'll let you know what the disk is like either way)!


  1. Unknown said...:

    I preordered Trolls WT in 3d from Zavvi and then saw the 2 pack. I tried to ask Zavvi about the 2 movie pack and they refused to understand what I was asking. Replied twice with the same boilerplate which was unrelated to the question. If you look closely at the artwork it's not even clear that either movie is in 3D. Only the Zavvi product title mentions 3D and that could just be a typo. More likely it's just the 2 movies in 2D.

  1. Casey said...:

    World Tour Blu-Ray was 3D, but the first Trolls (in the same release) eneded up being 2D!?!. Strange that they would release a 3D version for one that wasn't in theaters and not release 3D Blu-Ray for the one that did well in theaters..in 3D. SMH!

  1. Suzuki said...:

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