Top 10 Worst BluRay 3D's to Own

It took a little while, but I finally made a YouTube video for those bad BluRay 3D's.  The one's that sometimes makes you go "you know...maybe 3D going away wouldn't be the worst thing to happen."  I kid, of course, but these movie really are pretty bad.


  1. davidbe said...:

    Two items on your list surprised me and it makes me wonder what kind of 3D TV you have. Both Men in Black 3 and Suicide Squad have good quality 3D on my OLED (although I would agree that Suicide Squad was absolutely awful as a movie).

    A couple of other bad ones I could list:

    1. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn. I found the 3D to be totally unwatchable and I could not focus it at all. I skipped forward to spot-check here and there and each time it was the same, so I have never watched this in 3D. This seems to be true of many or most of the 1980s 3D movies. I just can't focus them.

    2. Kraftwerk: The Catalogue. The problem here is that the videos are either (1) extremely simple animations, or (2) stage shots where the performers are just standing there and the camera is fixed at a distance. In both cases, there is absolutely nothing of the slightest interest to look at. These are nicely remastered with Atmos audio, so the best thing to do is just turn off the TV and listen to the audio. There is no reason for or advantage to the 3D. You just won't want to keep the glasses on.

  1. Uber MothMan said...:

    I recently watched Alice in Wonderland 3D. Cannot say I remember what the 3D effects were like but that usually means they were not so bad that they stick out to me. Was surprised to see it at #2.

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