Relax Folks: "The LEGO Ninjago Movie" WAS Released on BluRay 3D!

Here's the first post of 2018 folks!  Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!  I, personally, have had neither, but life moves on, and I am looking forward to new opportunities and prospects!  In the meantime, while I was on vacation I did get several e-mails from people asking if Warner Bros. secretly cancelled the BluRay 3D release of "The LEGO Ninjago Movie."  And, um, here's the thing guys...Warner Bros. DID release this in 3D!  They still did fans a solid.  However...the thing is really hard to find.  Like, this was a pretty bare bones, rare release.  Not many copies were made and most stores didn't even get it.  Basically, if you want this, you need to buy it from a third party seller on Amazon or eBay.  Don't worry, so far there aren't too many listings for more than the retail price, but if you want this in your collection you might want to hop on that soon, because who knows how long that will be the situation.

I don't like that this was released in such short supply, but this is just the reality of the business in America.  But, there are three positive's to take from this. 1) America got an official release, PERIOD!  2) You can import this from Zavii for a cheaper price (and the disk appears to be region free).  3) This didn't come in a steelbook to make it artificially more difficult to find (this one is just hard to find because people wanted it).


  1. KCW0LF said...:

    Looks like Last Jedi AND Thor will have no US 3D Blu-Ray release. Seems Disney dropped US support when it added 4K! :(

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