"Coco" Opens in Select IMAX Theaters Today (But Not in 3D)


First, the good news: IMAX is bringing Pixar's critical hit "Coco" to select theaters today.  Now, the bad news: It's not going to be in 3D.  The worst news: The few theaters screening it are pretty much doing so with early showings, so if you have a 9-to-5 job...well, you're plain out of luck.  I'm not certain why there is no 3D screening of "Coco" in IMAX, but there appears to be a trend of animated movies not being in IMAX 3D despite being tailor made for the format.  Will it sell any more tickets without 3D?  Doubtful, but for some reason this is the way things are.  It should be noted that - unlike "Justice League" - "Coco" is 100% improved by the 3D experience, and I can easily recommend it over a bigger screen.  However you decide to see it though, it is an excellent film and I hope you enjoy it.  Oh, also, the "Frozen" short before the movie is actually more a featurette that lasts 21 minutes, so don't walk out in confusion.


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