"The Great Wall" NOT Coming to BluRay 3D

I hate having to report these things, but the Matt Damon bomb "The Great Wall" appears to NOT be coming to BluRay 3D!  It was announced for 4K UltraHD and standard BluRay, but the BluRay 3D version is nowhere to be found.  This is probably going to become more than norm these days as this is the first year there is going to be no 3D capabilities on any of the TV's.  Studios could still package the disks with their 4K releases at minimal cost (and raise the price $5 to cover that minimal cost and make money), but they seem unwilling to do so.  This is another lukewarm 3D experience, but at some point we're going to screwed on a release that does make good use of 3D, and then where will we be?  So keep buying those disks and I'll keep reporting the news.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I have to agree. What I don't get is that they actually think that putting these titles out in 4k will sell more discs than 3d. Think about that for a moment... if the high priced sets where they made us buy dvd+bd+bd3d etc didn't sell enough, what makes them think 4k will? Not bright.

  1. davidbe said...:

    I would not bet a whole lot on these actually materializing, but there are two UK pre-order listings available:
    The second source lists a release date of June 12. Both sources ship to the U.S. We'll see....

  1. davidbe said...:

    Great Wall 3D listed for May 18th release in Korea (Region A):
    Of course, no guarantee it will still be listed on May 18. We'll see....

  1. davidbe said...:

    Here is another pre-order for a Region A 3D blu-ray for May 16 with English Dolby Atmos:
    We'll have to wait until at least May 16 to see if these materialize into actual orders.

  1. davidbe said...:

    The Great Wall release in 3D overseas is now confirmed. Hong Kong has a Region 1 Atmos version at the link above, France has a Region 2 version (Atmos not confirmed) in stock at Amazon France. It's just the U.S. that is shorted. UK release is scheduled for June 12.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Get a region free 3D blu ray player and buy imports if you love 3D.
    Japan, Korea, Czechoslovakia, Hong Kong & UK all release 3D films. The U.S. has given up on them.

  1. Claude said...:

    I have bought the copy from France wich is region free and in 3D.

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