Sony Ends 3D TV Production?

It appears Sony may be out of the 3D TV game...for now.  I hesitated reporting on this because I am actually still not sure where the information that Sony was getting out of the 3D business came from.  Yeah, LG Electronics future lineup of TV's didn't have any 3D listings in them so it's pretty easy to understand why THEY would be getting out of the game, but what about Sony?!  They announced a new set of TV's with a bunch of new features.  Yet, strangely enough, a list of the specifications of those TV's were not made available.  I scoured the internet for more concrete information and came across this article that may clue you in what is going on.  Basically, while no one at Sony outright said they were killing the format, they at least alluded to the fact that it never quite picked up the way it was supposed to.  Personally, I would be surprised if Sony gave up on it entirely. 

I will explain why in a separate blog post, but I do think there are long term plans in the making to keep 3D from dying off entirely.  Sony is unlikely to ever give it up completely because they own the BluRay 3D format.  Plus, hey, a lot of studios are still releasing their movies on BluRay 3D, and they must sell something or else they wouldn't make them at all!  At least...that's what I'm telling myself these days.  Alright, it's time to get a little personal here, but I've...not been having a good past few months.  I know I've been neglecting this site, but life is hard, and writing here does not exactly bring a lot of comfort because I mostly have bad news to share these days.  I'm in a state where I'm in some serious need of good news.  That said, I will not stop updating.  It may take a few more weeks, but I will return, and we will look at what our next plan of action is.

The only cause worth fighting for a lost cause, and if this is a lost cause then I guess we are going to win on it eventually!  Right now, for the immediate future, the best thing you can do is buy BluRay 3D's.  If you don't have a 3D TV yet, now is the time to get one before it's too late.  I think this is a temporary setback than it is an actual death, but the hurt will be felt for awhile.  But keep the hope alive because they are still making 3D movies, 3D displays are still being produced, new 3D formats are being worked on every year, and we still have content coming.  That doesn't seem so hopeless right?  So I'll officially be taking a break from this blog, but I will be back, and with a bigger fire in my belly.  This wasn't the direction this post was going to take, but that's how things go sometimes.


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