Back to Weekly Updates: This Week "Goosebumps" Scares in 3D

This post will be short and brief.  I have a couple longer posts in the works, but this is a little quick to let you know that we will be reporting on the weekly BluRay 3D releases once again.  The big (and really only) new release this week is "Goosebumps," starring Jack Black.  I gave the movie a mild recommendation on my main site, and this is a pretty nice 3D presentation.  Its by not means a make-or-break use of the format, but there are a couple of scares that were obviously made with the third dimension in mind.  After "Pixels" and "Hotel Transylvania 2" were released, it's nice to see Sony finally releasing two BluRay 3D's that are worth adding to your 3D collection (the other was Robert Zemeckis's "The Walk").  That's it.  That's all we have for tonight.  Tune in Monday for a much longer post... and then we'll return to a schedule where we discuss the announcements of upcoming releases (and I do have some thoughts on the new 4K BluRay players as well).  See you soon!


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